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Foods Rich in Mineral Salts

Compiled by:  David R. Card, author of Facial Diagnosis of Cell Salt Deficiencies

CALC FLUOR Whole grain foods, dairy foods, raw vegetables, soybeans, sesame seeds, spinach broccoli, mushrooms.

CALC PHOS Almonds, cucumbers, oats, soybeans, white beans, dandelions, cherries, spinach, dairy foods, dates.

CALC SULPH Oats, almonds, cucumbers, lentils, peanuts, soybeans, cauliflower.

FERRUM PHOS Spinach, hazelnuts, white rice, soy, sesame seeds, tomatoes, oats, red and blueberries.

KALI MUR- Cucumber, peanuts, hazelnuts, lentils, spinach, pork, soybeans, sesame seeds, potatoes.

KALI PHOS White beans, soybeans, cucumbers, almonds, spinach, pork, hazelnuts, peanuts, lentils.

KALI SULPH Pork, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, spinach, lentils, peas, nuts.

MAG PHOS Brazil nuts, white beans, wheat, soybeans, corn, walnuts, peanuts, peas.

NAT MUR Red beets, lentils, radishes, tomatoes, sea salt, milk, celery, celery seeds, goat whey.

NAT PHOS Lentils, pork, asparagus, spinach, rose hips, oats, olives, carrots.

NAT SULPH Lentils, pork, spinach, oats.

SILICEA Millet, whole rice, oats, whole grains, wheat, peas, carrots, cucumbers, strawberries, parsley.


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